Bachelor 13 winner may have been revealed in the show’s preview

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The person who wins The Bachelor 13–if you can call being proposed to on a show with such a terrible track record of creating successful relationships “winning”–may have been revealed in a teaser broadcast on TV.

YouTube user handsomepete posted a video that demonstrates the winner is revealed in the season preview, which shows Jason proposing to a woman with clearly visible and quite revealing jewelry. The video’s creator, by the way, is more entertaining than the show, admitting, “yes, I realize I’m a loser for doing this, one for basically admitting that I watch this show, and two for taking the time to do this,” but he concludes by saying that the people who created the preview are “idiots, and basically I’ve saved you now from watching this horrid TV show. You can thank me later.” I’ll thank him right now.

Anyway, because the series features frequent, overly dramatic teasers for what’s allegedly upcoming after a break, it’d be ironic if the show spoiled its own ending in one of those teasers.

The winner, if the freeze-framed detail is correct, is (highlight to read) Melissa. Watch the video below to judge for yourself (and no, the still image shown below is not a spoiler, especially since it features someone who already left the competition):

The Bachelor Jason 2009 (SPOILER??? WHO KNOWS???) [YouTube]