TAR 14 teams include nude model, three gay men

CBS announced the cast of The Amazing Race 14 on Monday, but while the network’s press release and web site highlighted some interesting characteristics of its cast, it left out a few fascinating details.

For example, while CBS identified Mel White–a former speechwriter for Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell who later founded Soulforce, a religious gay rights group–as gay, his son’s bio doesn’t mention his sexual orientation. But Mike White, a screenwriter and actor, is bisexual, as he revealed in an interview with The Advocate.

The show’s first-ever deaf contestant, Luke Adams, is also gay, according to his Facebook profile, a fact his bio doesn’t mention. It does, however, note that he’s a super-fan of the show, and is completely deaf (he doesn’t even read lips, so his mom will translate for him).

Finally, while her bio doesn’t mention it, Jennifer Hopka apparently modeled nude in 2003 [NSFW], and she (or someone with the same name and appearance) was part of The Ultimate Playmate Search, also in 2003. The caption on the naked photo says “Jennifer Hopka works as a nurse in South Carolina” and was “a contender for the 50th anniversary Playmate.” Her CBS bio says she “is currently studying nursing during the day and bartending at night.”