Road Rules’ Jake Bronstein wants to send you love letters

Former Road Rules cast member Jake Bronstein–who once blogged about things like cast gossip, never mind blogging a picture of his glitter-covered penis or auctioning off models of his penis–has found yet another way to get attention: he’s sending 1,000 strangers love letters.

On his blog, Jake writes that “it’s been years since I’ve gotten a love letter, and just the act of opening it (we’re not talking email here people) made me happy. Really happy. You could even say it warmed my heart.” After handing out love letters to strangers on the street, he offers readers the chance to receive their own: “When was the last time you got a love letter? Get ready to reset the counter, cause Zoomdoggle & Co. wants to send you one. Really. Hand written, and one of kind too. Just send an address, name optional, to loveletters at zoomdoggle dot com, or post it in the comments section, then keep an eye on the mailbox. It’s coming.”

Jake told the Times Online that the genesis came from
“a [TV] clip about that guy who went around giving everyone free hugs and how it made people feel good. And then there was this study I read which said that when you do a good deed for someone not only do your endorphin levels rise, but so do theirs, and anybody who sees it also has that same chemical reaction. So I thought: what could I do to make people feel happy?”

The former FHM editor now “runs a marketing agency” (hmm), but the paper says “Mr Bronstein insists he is not doing it for money or fame — while he estimates the cost of posting 1,000 letters around the world will be over £500 ($US700), he says he has the postage expense covered.”

However, his efforts have landed him on TV and led people to link to his blog. Oh.

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