Paris Hilton searching for another best friend, but Brittany insists she and Paris are still BFFs

Paris Hilton’s My New BFF will return for a second season and thus is searching for new candidates to be alleged best friends with Paris, but the socialite’s first-season best friend says they’re still tight.

The second-season application wants potential candidates’ height, weight, and dress size or waist size, and asks probing questions such as, “If you were a cocktail, what would you be?” The best part, though, is that potential applicants have to be “at least the age of 21” but “appear under 30.”

Despite that search, season one winner Brittany Flickinger insists she’s still friends with Paris. On MySpace, she wrote, “all that ‘superficial’ and ‘page 6’ crap is bullshit. Paris and I are bff’s. not married. does it make us less close because we hang out with other friends? and travel with more people than just each other? those sites are pathetic.”

That defensiveness is because E! Online says Paris hung out with Aubrey O’Day instead, and “left her supposed BFF at the Hollywood Life House”; a “source” said Brittany “just has no personality. She seems like a waste of space.”

They should get along just fine, then, since that sounds just like Paris.

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