Big Apple Circus will be subject of PBS’ Circus

One of the best reality series last year was PBS’ documentary series Carrier, and its producers are now following members of New York’s Big Apple Circus for the appropriately named Circus, which will air on PBS in a year and a half, in fall 2010.

In a press release, PBS says producers had “unprecedented access granted by the Big Apple Circus” and “the filmmakers will follow the traveling company over the course of an entire season, showcasing the circus community’s wandering caravan.” The resulting series “will allow viewers to fully explore the texture of circus life — and, in the process, illuminate its enduring mystery and allure” as it “will explore the various ways the company navigates conflict, internally and with outsiders, underscoring just how challenging it can be to spend every day and night for nine or 10 months straight with 150 other people of differing nationalities, belief systems and backgrounds.”

Executive producer Maro Chermayeff says in a self-congratulatory press release quote that filming “has been an incredible window into a cultural legacy that has never been explored before with this depth and honesty.”

New Multi-Part Series Premiers Fall 2010 [PBS press release]