Michelle Obama’s stylist developing a reality show

Johnny Wright, Michelle Obama’s hairstylist, has signed with a production company to develop a new series, but apparently not because of his connection to the president’s wife.

44 Blue Productions, which produces Style’s Split Ends, will pitch a show with Wright “to cable networks as a docusoap or a makeover series,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“We fell in love with him before we knew. There’s a lot of hairstylists out there who do celebrities, but they can’t center a show,” 44 Blue’s Stephanie Drachkovitch said. “There aren’t many people of color doing makeover and beauty shows. We figured there’s got to be somebody out there with a mainstream clientele, but brings a different point of view.”

Last summer, Wright told Bella Sugar that he met Michelle Obama “on a whim, and I’ve been doing her hair now for a year. My agent out in New York booked me for her Ebony magazine shoot, and she liked it so much that she had her people book me. … I’ve been doing hair since I was 12 years old and I never thought that I would be in that type of world. Before this, I didn’t do anything about politics. I look at it as a blessing, because I pay attention much more now.”

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