Fresno spent $115,000 on Extreme Makeover but crew spent $750,000 to $1.25 million

Hosting Extreme Makeover: Home Edition cost the city of Fresno, Calif., $115,000, but the crew spent an estimated $750,000 to $1.25 million at local businesses.

Besides “[waving] permit and plan-check fees totaling $1,287 for the home, and [donating[ $750 worth of service from its film and entertainment commissioner,” the Fresno Bee reported that the city spent “nearly $80,000 for police officers who provided 24-hour-a-day traffic and parking control during the 10-day project,” “$22,000 to provide shuttle services on city buses for both project volunteers and spectators,” “$5,000 in service from the public utilities department, and $3,800 for maps, street closures, tree trimming and soil compaction by public works employees.”

The city’s spokesperson “Randy Reed said much of the money was ’embedded costs,’ or money that would have been spent anyway, but was shifted to support the show, which built a new home for Mary Ann Riojas and her family,” according to the paper.

And the film and entertainment commissioner, Ray Arthur, “estimated the crew of the show spent at least $750,000 in Fresno, and maybe as much as $1.25 million.” That’s based on an estimate of $30,000 a day, but Arthur said a show representative told him the crew spent much more. “When I talked to their location manager, however, he said their figures show that the crew accounts for about $75,000 a day in spending,” he said.

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