Donny Osmond will be on Dancing with the Stars 8

Three seasons after his sister appeared on the show, Donny Osmond confirmed he will be on Dancing with the Stars 8. He revealed that on the episode of Bonnie Hunt’s syndicated talk show that airs today.

Asked if he’d ever consider being on the show, Donny said, “Well I guess I am making an announcement. I’ll say I am seriously considering doing it, let’s put it that way. I guess I just let the cat out of the bag!”

He added, “I can’t let my sister upstage me. Besides, who do you think taught her how to dance?” When Marie said that “the men do half the work,” Donny replied, “That’s why I’m doing it, baby! It is going to be very difficult because I am going to be doing Vegas on top of doing ‘Dancing with the Stars.'”

Marie Osmond was on the fifth season, and while their father died during the competition, she stayed on the show and ultimately made it to the finale.