Shirtless American Idol contestants exposed

As a new season of American Idol dawns, we’ll be seeing a lot of the contestants over the next four months or so–especially if there are professional or amateur exhibitionists among them, as there have been in the past.

From Antonella Barba’s topless photos to gay stripper David Hernandez, there have been nudity-related controversy, and since this is the age of Facebook and MySpace, there will undoubtedly be some who pop up, so to speak, this season.

Yuppie Punk–who previously brought us a (not so) complete history of naked ‘Real World’ cast members–runs down a history of topless contestants, but not just ones that generated controversy.

Many of the 17 images are from pre- or post-show photos, professional or paparazzi, so you’re in luck if you’ve ever wanted to see Constantine Maroulis sniffing his armpit; Kelly Clarkson sunbathing topless; David Hernandez’s low-riding, pubic hair-exposing jeans; what’s underneath Simon Cowell’s t-shirt; or Sanjaya shirtless, a phrase I never thought I’d type.

A (Not So) Complete History of Topless ‘American Idol’ Contestants and A (Not So) Complete History of Naked ‘Real World’ Cast Members [Yuppie Punk]