Sanjaya received a $100,000 advance for his book, would pose nude in a “classy” way

Sanjaya Malakar, the popular American Idol 6 contestant who inspired crazed fans and lots of loathing, was on Howard Stern this morning, He was promoting his new memoir, Dancing to the Music in My Head: Memoirs of the People’s Idol, which USA TODAY says is not “a compelling memoir” and Sanjaya is “just not that interesting.” Still, Sanjaya said on the radio that he got at least a $100,000 advance for the book.

Perhaps in writing, but leave it to Howard Stern to make even the most boring person fascinating. Among other things, Howard gets Sanjaya to admit losing his virginity at age 16, being sexually active, measuring his penis, and being willing to have sex with Robin Quivers. Because if there’s something you wanted to know about Sanjaya, it has to do with his genitalia and sex life, right?

In addition, Howard Stern’s web site quotes Sanjaya, who’s previously said he was teased because kids thought he was gay, who said, “I’m not [gay]. Penises are weird looking.” He admitted that he’s sexually active with his girlfriend, who’s a high school senior. Sanjaya also said he’d pose nude “if it were a really classy…I wouldn’t do Playgirl…in the future, done right.” Amusing. So is the summary of the conversation on Mark’s Friggin:

Howard said that he assumed that Sanjaya was gay. Sanjaya said that a lot of people think that. Howard said that he still think that he is. He claims in his book that he’s straight though. Robin said that she thought he was gay until he walked in there today. Howard said he didn’t get that off of him today either but he doesn’t have very good gaydar.

Howard asked Sanjaya to fuck Robin right then to prove he’s not gay. Sanjaya said that he could do it but he has a girlfriend so he can’t. Howard asked when Sanjaya banged his first broad. He said he was 16. Howard said he must be able to get chicks easily. Sanjaya said that he probably could but he’s been in this relationship for a year now.

Howard asked if the chick is hot. Sanjaya said that she is and he has banged this senior in high school. Howard asked if he’s ever kissed a guy or taken it in the ass. Sanjaya said that he gets hit on all the time. Howard said he didn’t get a gay vibe off of him, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he wasn’t getting that today.

… Howard asked Sanjaya about the girls hitting on him on tour. He asked if he took advantage of it. Sanjaya said that he wasn’t really into doing that. Howard said that made him suspicious. Howard asked if he’s ever banged an older broad. Sanjaya said that the oldest he ever had was a 19 year old when he was 18.

…Howard told Sanjaya that he seems to be doing his best and he hopes that he got an advance on that book. Sanjaya said that he did. He said he thinks that it was at least 100 grand.

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