Producers, cast will screen Real World Brooklyn in New York Friday

The Real World Brooklyn won’t air until sometime early next year, but MTV is already screening the show in New York, including at a public event this Friday.

On Friday at the Paley Center for Media in New York, producers and cast members will present “a sneak peek of the new season” and “a panel discussion” as part of Same City, New Borough: The Real World Does Brooklyn. Tickets are $15 for the public, and the panel includes executive producer and co-creator Jonathan Murray and executive producer Jim Johnston.

The network also screened the first episode for The Brooklyn Paper, and its critic writes that the show “has all the camp value of ‘Showgirls’ — plus lots of cameos for our borough,” and that the cast except Sarah “just wants to know who might sleep with whom, if Katelynn is or isn’t transgendered, and, oh, can we see Scott’s abs again?”

In other words, a typical season. The cast, which has been previously identified, includes Baya, a 21-year-old dancer; 23-year-old Mormon Chet; 20-year-old former Miss American Teen and breast flasher Devyn; 22-year-old gay dolphin trainer J.D., who is rumored to have dated Anderson Cooper; transgendered 22-year-old Katelynn; 23-year-old Iraq veteran Ryan; 22-year-old Sarah, and 23-year-old gym enthusiast Scott, who has award-winning abs.

Considering the cold response the show got in Brooklyn, never mind its waning credibility and entertainment value, giving access to the show to New Yorkers seems like pretty calculated PR to get people to pay attention to a show that probably should have ended a few seasons ago, although it’s been renewed for a 22nd season.

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