Whitney looks back at her Hills life tonight

MTV successfully spun off The Hills from Laguna Beach, and at the end of this month, tries again with The City, which follows Whitney Port’s new life in New York City. It debuts Dec. 29, but tonight at 10 p.m. ET, the network will air a 90-minute special called “Whitney: From The Hills to The City.”

It’s essentially a retrospective of her time on the former show. MTV says Whitney “looks back on her life in Los Angeles before making her move to the fashion capital of the world, New York City, and it includes “clips from all four seasons of The Hills and sneak peaks from her new series.” I’m guessing she won’t show clips and offer commentary like, “Oh, I remember when I faked that scene” or “recreating that awkward conversation was so much fun, because it was exponentially more awkward the fifteenth time.” Instead, she’ll probably just offer what a MTV publicist’s e.mail described as her “signature stares, and jaw-dropping expressions.”

As to the new show, whether or not her new series it’ll be another Hills or another Newport Harbor (remember that?) remains to be seen. But MTV has released two trailers, one of which is set to Paper Route’s “Carousel”–perhaps the new show’s theme song?–and the other of which features more dialogue, which of course means that we’re probably seeing most of the dialogue from the season right here: