Bachelor women include four single moms

The Bachelor 13 stars a single dad, Jason Mesnick, and the show has, for the first time ever, cast single mothers among the women who will compete for his affections.

Jason has said he’s engaged and in love with the woman he eventually selected, and the 25 women he has to choose from range in age from 23 to 36, although most are in their mid-20s. Four women–Megan, Stacia, Stephanie, and Treasure–have kids, a first in the show’s 13-season history, according to ABC’s press release.

Because this is still The Bachelor, the group also includes some apparently nutty women: “a Brazilian seductress who aggressively pursues” Jason, “a woman who is one of Jason’s biggest fans and thinks she knows him better than himself, a gorgeous pageant queen who can’t wait for motherhood,” “a voluptuous free spirit who has her eye on Jason to fulfill her dream of a big, international-type family,” a woman who “quit her job as a school teacher for a chance to be with him,” and someone who “discloses that she can find out a lot about a man from the condiments he puts on his hot dog” (um).

In addition, Renee has applied The Secret and “envisioned her happy future with Jason by creating a ‘vision board.'” But has she already envisioned their inevitable break up?

Four Single Moms Make “Bachelor” History [ABC press release]