Todd Homme died days before Blush finale

Lifetime’s makeup artist competition Blush ended Tuesday night, but on Saturday, Todd Homme, who came in third, died of unknown causes. He was 23.

“He went to sleep basically and never woke up. He was all excited about what was going on with the show. He was up all night, went to sleep during the day and he died in his sleep,” his mother, Marianne Amster, told TV Guide.

His “autopsy was indeterminate,” Newsday reports, and quotes Amster, who said, “They don’t know what happened to him.” According to Todd’s partner Neal Krogh, “both were making plans to move from New York to Los Angeles in a month,” the paper says.

On Tuesday night, Nolan Makaawaawa won Lifetime’s Project Runway-like competition’s prize of $100,000 and a Max Factor contract.

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