Report claims Paula Abdul will be on Dancing with the Stars 8, despite American Idol 8 overlap

The rumors that Paula Abdul will join the cast of Dancing with the Stars 8 are getting new fuel with an anonymous gossip report today, but it seems about as likely as David Archuleta joining the cast of A Shot of Love. Citing “a source close to Paula,” Radar reports that “Paula is very excited to be on board.”

Paula Abdul has said she was “hypothetically thinking about it” (whatever the hell that means) although now-former executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said then that it wasn’t a good idea, shooting down ongoing rumors.

However, it seems logistically impossible. The two shows are filmed in studios that are right next door to one another, but Dancing airs its live results shows on Tuesday nights at 9, which would be immediately after Idol‘s live performance show, and those often stretch into the 9 o’clock hour. Dancing typically starts airing in mid-March, right when Idol starts to pick up and is airing live performance shows.

Unless one show changes it schedule (unlikely), or they’re going to make some kind of special dispensation for Paula and she’ll show up five or 10 minutes late (extremely unlikely), I can’t imagine how this is even remotely true.

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