Sharon Osbourne accused of pulling out Megan’s hair during Charm School reunion

Megan Hauserman, a contestant on Rock of Love: Charm School, claims that Sharon Osbourne assaulted her during taping of the show’s reunion this past Saturday, and has filed a police report.

TMZ has a photo of the “damage done to Megan Hauserman,” and reports that she “went to the hospital on Sunday — hence the photo — and also filed a report with the LAPD.” An earlier TMZ report said “Megan Hauserman claims Sharon went ballistic during a taping of the show’s reunion special Saturday night — accusing Osbourne of running across the stage, grabbing Megan by her hair and refusing to let go,” and “claims Sharon … continued to pull and scratch until security eventually separated the two.”

A spokesperson for the LAPD confirmed that a report had bee filed, telling Reuters, “We know Sharon Osbourne was involved in some way, we just don’t know how.”

The reunion is scheduled to air Jan. 4, and the season ends Sunday.

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