Einstein documentary explores his life and work

Tonight at 9 p.m. ET, the History Channel debuts a biography of Albert Einstein called, strangely, Einstein. The two-hour documentary explores “how the greatest genius of our time struggled against all odds to fulfill his destiny while weathering a devastating war, a tumultuous personal life and betrayal by his peers,” according to the network.

It mixes interviews with experts, archival videos and photos, and recreations (ugh). The documentary was filmed on-location throughout the U.S. and Europe,
including “the Royal Astronomical Society in London, where the handwritten minutes from the meeting where Einstein was vindicated can be seen; as well as the
tiny apartment in Bern, Switzerland, where Einstein lived in tight quarters with his wife and baby, and the original patent office in the same city where Einstein worked as a lowly clerk by day while he solved the greatest riddles of physics by night,” according to History.

The network has excerpts from the film online, including a look at Einstein’s childhood and a discussion of the effects of his famous formula.

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