McKey Sullivan wins Top Model 11

A 19-year-old college student from Illinois is America’s next next next next next next next next next next top model. Brittany McKey Sullivan won America’s Next Top Model 11, beating runner-up Samantha Potter and Analeigh Tipton, who placed third. McKey never landed in the bottom two.

When Tyra announced that she’d won the show’s prize, a $100,000 Cover Girl contract and representation by Elite, and would soon join the pile of winners everyone’s already forgotten about (okay, Tyra didn’t say that), McKey hugged Tyra and lifted her off the ground.

Her selection wasn’t a surprise to the show’s two Jays, who both say they knew from the first day of the competition that McKey would win. Back in September, Jay Manuel told E!’s Kristin Dos Santos, “I called the winner of this cycle on day one. I knew it.” And Miss J said, “We both did. We both knew who would win right away. It was obvious!”