Tom Colicchio’s $175/person restaurant sells out; he plays guitar for charity

Part of CBS Sunday Morning’s food-themed episode Sunday featured a profile of Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio that explored his career and philosophy about food–and actually ends with the famously cranky judge actually smiling and laughing. Perhaps more surprisingly, it includes photographs and video from the days when he had hair.

The profile introduces us to his wife and kitchen, his fridge (in which Tropicana orange juice and Stonyfield Farms milk is visible, and which must be stocked with Fresca, he says), and his hobby of playing guitar. He performed recently for charity alongside professional musicians, and says, “You know it’s fun; especially it’s fun when you’re playing with people who are so much better than you are. It keeps you on your game and makes you better.” The highlight of the segment, however, might be the images of him from his high school and beyond, when he had curly black hair and looked remarkably different.

The correspondent watches as he prepares dinner at Tom: Tuesday Dinner, his new New York restaurant that’s open twice a month, every other Tuesday. For $175 a person, Tom himself makes dinner for you, changing the prix fixe menu every night based upon what’s available that day. Despite the price, he said tables “sell out in five to 10 minutes.”

Tom: Tuesday Dinner