Joan Rivers spoils end of Celebrity Apprentice 2

Update: Melissa Rivers was fired on the April 26 episode, which means Joan’s comments that seemed to reveal one member of the final two of The Celebrity Apprentice 2 were inaccurate.

The Celebrity Apprentice 2 has completed production, and one of its cast members has accidentally revealed one of the cast members who makes it to the final episode.

Joan Rivers, who’s competing on the show along with her daughter Melissa Rivers and other celebrities, was on Howard Stern’s radio show and talked about her time on the series. In non-spoiler news, she said that she competed with Tom Green, but then revealed one of the cast members who made it to the end.

Howard Stern Show recap site reports (highlight the blank part to reveal the name) that “Joan wasn’t going to talk about it but then she let it slip that Melissa made it right to the end. She realized her mistake and didn’t say anything else about it.”

The show recap on Howard Stern’s own web site doesn’t mention that moment, and instead says, “Joan Rivers refused to comment on the next season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.'” In other words, Joan Rivers wishes she’d refused to comment on the next season.

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