Chris Harrison would be “happy to host” same-sex Bachelor, says Bachelor 13 is “completely different”

Chris Harrison, the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, says he’d host a same-sex version of either show, although no one is talking about such a version yet. “If ABC and Mike Fleiss have created the show and signed off on it I’ll be happy to host,” he told TV Guide.

Upcoming, The Bachelor 13, which stars single dad Jason Mesnick. Harrison says the season “is going to be amazing. People are going to blown away in January by Jason in this season. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever done, with having him being a single dad with Ty. And all the women coming in knew he was a single dad, and so the show has a completely different feel than we’ve ever had before.”

He doesn’t explain why Jason’s son affects the show, but adds that “Jason, coming into this, was very respectful — he’s a great dad, a phenomenal dad — he was very respectful of Ty not being exploited or used in any way. His number one priority is looking out for Ty.”

Currently, producers are searching for a fifth Bachelorette, the first time they’ve ever opened the spin-off to someone from outside the franchise. Harrison says that for that person, “there’s no set picture. We’ve had rich, we’ve had poor, we’ve had famous athletes, actors, we’ve had it all. So we’re not exactly looking for a type. It’s just somebody who’s willing to take this leap of faith, who’s obviously ready to commit and ready for a relationship.”

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