Jeff Probst goes behind the scenes of Survivor Gabon’s opening sequence and production

During Survivor China, Jeff Probst filmed behind-the-scenes footage, revealing details about the Dream Team, base camp, challenge construction, and his daily life. In Gabon, Probst also filmed footage, and the first two videos are now online. (Still to come, apparently: a video featuring members of the press who visited Gabon, the video I somewhat dread.)

The first shows how they shot the cold open, the segment before the credits that takes 24 hours to film and was filmed a five-hour helicopter ride away from base camp. The clip includes the rehearsal footage that was shot before the 4:30 a.m. shoot. Eventually, Probst is left alone at the top of a 1,000-foot-tall hill, where he hides his video camera so it can record the cold open from his perspective. It’s pretty spectacular.

The second video aggregates a bunch of different behind-the-scenes moments, including wildlife expert Josh showing off an African Rock Python, the crew playing gin rummy, a practical joke played on a Dream Team member, hidden mics and cameras, leeches, toilets, and radio communication between producers about an elephant approaching a camera camp.

Shooting the Opening Sequence and Behind the Scenes – Part Two [CBS]