Behind the press’ visit to Survivor Gabon

Jeff Probst’s latest behind-the-scenes of Survivor Gabon is online, and it focuses on the press visit, which lasts from a few days before production begins through the end of the first Tribal Council. Besides journalists, there’s also a crew from CBS, which produces the photos and video you see everywhere from to local TV stations. In his latest video, Jeff talks to those representatives from the press and CBS publicity, also includes footage of himself shooting promos.

That Jeff was shooting this video was completely unexpected: Starting at the marooning, Jeff Probst surprised us by sticking his video camera in our faces and asking questions, and he and his camera reappeared throughout our visit: asking for predictions about our face-off against the Dream Team, scanning our legs for leeches post-challenge (footage I definitely wanted to be on the Internet for all time), asking us about visiting Tribal Council, et cetera.

Maybe I should be grateful that whoever edited this excised me from all but a few seconds, but after being excised from all but a few seconds of VH1’s 40 Greatest Reality TV Moments 2, I’m beginning to develop a complex about how pathetic, uninteresting, and hideous I clearly am.

And not that I’m bitter, but let’s just say someone who wrote fewer words about the season than I’m writing in this sentence appears in the video far more than me.