NBC producing a Tony Robbins reality show

NBC has ordered a pilot for an inspirational reality show starring self-help master Tony Robbins that will give people affected by tragedy “a brand new start.” Late last month, producers held an open casting call in Orlando, and the casting notice explained what they’re looking for and what the show would involve:

Do you know someone whose life has been knocked off course by a tragedy from which they can’t seem to recover? Who’s paralyzed by fears or anger?
Do they deserve a brand new start? You could give them that chance…
If you, or someone you love, is crippled by a paralyzing obstacle… This could be a chance to turn their life around!
The world’s leading life coach — Tony Robbins — is teaming with NBC to offer a once-in-lifetime chance to get you, or someone you love, the help they need.
If your case is right, you could meet Tony one-on-one and experience an incredible transformation…

TV Week reports that “an NBC insider confirmed that the network has ordered a pilot presentation for the project,” but the network “isn’t discussing the project–and that includes declining to reveal the production company behind the show”

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