Danity Kane members reportedly refuse to be part of Making the Band’s next season

Danity Kane lost Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods, and now Making the Band 4 might lose the remaining three members for its next season, if a gossip report is to be believed.

According to an unsourced report on ForWomenOnline, the remaining three members “will have a ‘meeting’ with Diddy on camera but that is their extent of their participation right now” as they have “no contract in place to appear in the new series.” The site says “the group is said to be extremely fed up with Diddy and living out their lives in front of the MTV cameras.” Notice the vague “is said,” which essentially attributes the information to conventional wisdom yet no one at all.

Previously, the site reported that Shannon Bex quit the group, and then after learning that Shannon’s still appearing with the group for a concert later this month, quickly backpeddled and insisted that “this date was booked and contracted while Shannon was still a member of the group and she is contractually obligated to appear.”

Danity Kane Refuses To Sign On For The Next Season Of MTV’s Making The Band [ForWomenOnline]