Lance Bass, Brooke Burke, or Warren Sapp will win Dancing with the Stars 7 tonight

Dancing with the Stars 7 concludes tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET. One of the three quasi-celebrity finalists will win a shitty trophy and bragging rights.

Going into the finale, Brooke Burke has 58 points, while Lance Bass and Warren Sapp are tied for second with 53 points each. During the absurdly bloated finale, which will feature a return of this season’s best part, they’ll all dance one more time for judges’ points, i.e. the riggable part.

With Derek Hough’s help, Brooke Burke has become the most talented ballroom dancer; Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson are remarkably entertaining; and Lance does his own thing with the help of Lacey Schwimmer. I’d guess the Lance-Lacey team will win, with her So You Think You Can Dance fan base plus his ‘NSync and post-‘NSync fans providing a solid voting bloc. But Warren is also the kind of winner the show loves because he’s such an unlikely dancer, and he does disproportionately well; who expects a former football player to have better moves than a former boy band member?