CBS casting families for Block Party

CBS is now casting for Block Party, a new series produced by Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss that will be a competition between eight families who live in the same neighborhood.

It’s the first new series ordered by Jen Bresnan, CBS’ new reality TV executive; Variety reported that “CBS quickly stepped up and offered a premium license fee for the show” early this month. If the ridiculously comical and amateurish illustration on the casting web site (scroll down) is any indication, they used up all their budget on the concept.

Anyway, families who live in “very close proximity” can apply, and there have to be eight. Applications are due Jan. 5, and producers will narrow applicants to 50, and either visit their neighborhoods or ask family members to travel to one of 15 cities for semi-final casting. Casting producers are also targeting casting notices to specific cities such as Seattle.

The 12-page application [PDF] has few details about the show but a lot of legalese. Even kids of those who are applying have to sign a contract that says, in super kid-friendly language, “I am satisfied that this release and waiver is fair and equitable. I hereby give my express consent to have my parent or legal guardian sign on my behalf, and I will not revoke the consent I am giving here at any time.”

Block Party Casting
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