Playboy’s Foursome casting for its “most extreme season yet”

Playboy TV’s reality show Foursome, which is basically just an excuse to show amateur sex in a series format, is now casting for its third season. On each half-hour episode, two men and two women go on a 24-hour date at a mansion, which basically means they show up, get naked, and start hooking up to various degrees. Oh, and there’s occasionally interpersonal drama involved due to things like jealousy and performance issues.

It’s good practice for a career in porn or just in reality TV; after all, Survivor Cook Islands and Survivor Micronesia cast member Ozzy Lusth had sex on Foursome long before he appeared on CBS, and got practice in appearing on cameras and giving confessional interviews, although on Survivor he never got to say, “I blew my load in her mouth like she told me to, because that’s how she likes it.”

The casting notice says they’re “gearing up for our most extreme season yet and looking for just the right singles to kick it off with a bang.” Ha, bang.

Anyway, producers want a non-nude photo, a bio, and an explanation as to why the show should come–ha! writing about porn is fun–to your city.

If you want to see what you’re getting into before applying, here’s a (mostly) safe-for-work preview of the show:

Foursome casting [Playboy]