Nigel Lythgoe: “I don’t like fourth judges”

Former American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe may have left the show, but he’s now offering his judgment of the show he’s no longer associated with.

Regarding the addition of Kara DioGuardi as the show’s fourth judge, Lythgoe said, “I don’t like fourth judges. I think once you’ve been told ‘You suck,’ you don’t need to be told another three times,” he told the New York Post.

Forgetting for a second that the show tried to add a fourth judge during the second season, his criticism makes little sense. It’s not okay to be told “you suck” four times, but three times is perfectly fine? And seriously, this is the man who produced a show that delights in torturing its contestants during elimination episodes for our alleged entertainment.

As if there wasn’t enough hypocrisy there, he adds, “We’ve had lots of fourth judges, as guests, which was OK for me because they would be in one show and then you get rid of them the next.” So what makes that any different? It’s still a fourth “you suck.”

Based upon all of this irrational criticism, it’s kind of obvious it was time for him to go, and maybe American Idol 8 will suck a little less without Lythgoe at the helm.

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