Donny and Marie Osmond’s nephew, Jason Castro’s brother made it to Hollywood

The semi-final rounds for American Idol 8 took place in Hollywood last week, which means it’s time for information about the contestants to leak out, including some quasi-familiar names.

Once again, a message board poster who goes by Joesplace has revealed more than 20 people who made it to Hollywood, and many others who performed in front of the judges at various auditions. (Last year, Joesplace revealed the top 24 after revealing the top 50.)

MJ’s Big Blog helpfully sorted through the names, finding highlights including Jason Castro’s brother, Michael Castro, and Donnie and Marie Osmond’s nephew, David Osmond.

Others include Anna Kaelin, “the daughter of David Archuleta’s vocal coach, Dean Kaelin”; Miss New York, Danielle “Danni” Roundtree; possible ringer Joanna Pacitti, who has had previous record deals and other music industry experience; and Jackie Tohn, an actress who appeared on The Sopranos and On the Lot.

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