David Archuleta and David Cook’s albums out this week and next, both happy for each other

On Tuesday, American Idol 7 runner-up David Archuleta’s self-titled record will be in stores. One week later, on Nov. 18, winner David Cook’s self-titled debut drops. Both are doing press to promote their albums, probably because neither wants to become the next Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee.

Although Archuleta’s single debuted better than Cook’s, and a rivalry of sorts is inevitable, neither is worried about the comparison. “I know everyone wants us still to compare and compete, but we are so different. Cook is a rocker guy, a guitarist and an amazing musician, and I’m a pop kid,” Archuleta told Reuters. As relentlessly cheerful as always, he adds, “I am as excited for his album as I am for mine because we have gone together through this process of watching our dreams grow. This is what we’ve been looking forward to — living our dreams and starting our musical careers.”

David Cook told Entertainment Weekly, “In a sense, it’s fun that that whole rivalry thing got created. If you put me in the same sentence with David Archuleta, I’ll be fine.” He says his victory is still a surprise. “The [winning by] 12 million votes thing still throws me. I even conceded defeat that night to Archie. I thought he’d done amazingly. I stood on the stage and watched all three of his songs and was in awe. For a kid his age to do what he’s done, my hat’s off to the kid,” Cook said.

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