America’s Next Top Zombie Idol spoof airing on

On Monday, the UK’s E4 debuted a satirical zombie-infected version of Big Brother called Dead Set, and now, just in time for Halloween, is airing a spoof reality show America’s Next Top Zombie Idol.

The one-episode, five-act video features eight zombies competing for the title, and it is, of course, scripted and not at all real. VH1’s blog says it’s “an online-exclusive spoof from 51 Minds, the creators of Charm School, the …Of Love saga and America’s Most Smartest Model” and that the “episode is intent on dismantling reality show cliches.” Of course, the producers of Flavor of Love and everything it wrought are responsible for perpetuating many of those cliches.

I’d review the brief episode, except that when I tried to watch it from my non-United States location, showed me an ad and then said, “Music videos are accessible in the U.S. only.” What? They’re really restricting Internet-only content to a single country? But they have no problem showing an ad first? Then again, I haven’t seen it, so maybe it’s better for the U.S.’s reputation that other nations not be able to watch it.

Here’s act one; let me know how it is:

America’s Next Top Zombie Idol: Undead Reality and
America’s Next Top Zombie Idol: Act 1 [VH1]