Zombies invade UK Big Brother house for E4’s Dead Set

The following is the most awesome, most engaging, most entertaining footage from a Big Brother house I’ve ever seen:

That’s a trailer for, as the title card says, Dead Set, a six-episode drama series that will air on the UK’s E4 later starting Oct. 27. It’s produced by Charlie Brooker, and focuses on what happens when there’s a zombie outbreak in Britain and, as the show’s site says, “the remaining [Big Brother] contestants” are “blissfully unaware of the horrific events unfolding outside. Until an eviction night when all hell breaks loose.”

The show’s trailer (and other footage) make it look like a pretty standard issue zombie stuff, but setting it in the Big Brother house is genius. It’s the perfect claustrophobic hide-out setting, and it also adds authenticity to the concept, because there have been many occasions where Big Brother houseguests have been kept in the dark about world events.

Adding to the realism, the show’s host, Davina McCall, even plays herself, and The Daily Mail reports that former contestants will also appear.

E4’s head Angela Jain told Broadcast that she stopped watching the first episode because “I was shitting myself.”

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