Lauren Conrad worked with acting coach for Family Guy appearance

Lauren Conrad will play a version of herself in a 2009 episode of Fox’s animated series Family Guy. Before recording her voice overs, Lauren–who has previously said she isn’t good at acting–worked with an acting coach.

Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane said Lauren “took it very seriously and even hired an acting coach.” He said that she plays a smarter version of herself. “I thought it would be funny to see if we could get her to read very, very dense historical documents centering around the second World War. Lauren did one scene where she had to read a paragraph on scientific self-analysis, which I thought was funny,” he told Fox News. “She made an effort (to understand the text), so let me just put it that way.”

“It’s amazing, they destroy me in it. I’m totally making fun of myself. What can I say? It was funny, I had to go over historical facts and like, biology and weird formulas I had no idea about,” Lauren said.

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