An actor will recreate scenes from The Hills for a four-episode spin-off

MTV is planning two extensions to its already-extended Hills franchise: a special that includes “lost scenes” and another that includes an actor recreating scenes by standing in for characters on the actual show. Both will air Oct. 18 starting at 1 p.m. ET.

First, “The Hills: The Lost Scenes” will include “scenes that have never before been seen on television,” according to MTV, including “intimate, funny and touching moments with the cast” and “exclusive bonus footage, extended from scenes already in the series.”

At 2 p.m., MTV plans to “pay homage” to The Hills with “a comically twisted take on” the show. A single actor, Derek Miller, will reenact scenes and do not-exactly-convincing but somewhat funny versions of the characters for “The Hills: According to Me.” That’s so surreal I don’t know where to begin: an actor will recreate footage from the lives of people who already recreate and reenact their own lives with the help of actors.

Here’s the trailer for that new and bizarre series, which since MTV is running all four episodes back to back, probably doesn’t count as much of a series: