Ace, Dan voted off Survivor Gabon

Survivor Gabon aired its first double-elimination episode last night, forcing both the perennially lame Fang and strong Kota to vote someone off. Gone were Kota’s Dan Kay and Fang’s Ace Gordon.

I liked both Dan and Ace pre-season, although Dan quickly crumbled even during the first episode, and Ace played up his evil persona way too much to be consistently likable. Dan’s insecurity led to his downfall, while Sugar was the power player in her tribe, holding two hidden immunity idols (one of which was given to her by Marcus, who won the first individual immunity challenge) and the swing vote. She turned against her former ally Ace when Kenny made a move and convinced her that Matty and Ace weren’t her biggest fans.

If you have questions for either Dan or Ace about their game play or Survivor experience, e.mail them to me, and I’ll ask when I talk to them sometime late next week. (Ditto for future eliminated cast members, as I’ll talk to everyone unless they’re boring.)

Perhaps the most surprising moment of the whole night came at the end, when Sugar voted for Ace by writing, apparently, “Acehole,” although everything after the word “Ace” was obscured by the FUCB, the Fun Unnecessary CBS Blur.