Project Runway 5 has its final (annoying) three

A not-so-surprise surprise challenge on last night’s penultimate episode of Project Runway 5 lead to the elimination of Jerrell Scott, leaving Kenley Collins, Leanne Marshall, and Korto Momolu as the final three. Apparently, the wishes and prayers of children don’t come true, as increasingly abrasive and annoying Kenley remained in the competition.

The last-minute challenge was most likely the result of Bravo’s insistence that there be an elimination in every episode, and so they had to create an entirely new garment–a bridesmaid’s dress to go along with the wedding gown that was part of their Fashion Week collections.

Kenley remained despite being accused of having a dress that looked like another designers’ work. Referring to her wedding dress, Michael Kors told her, “I will tell you, the dress is a little Alexander McQueen. Bothers me a touch, quite honestly.” And Nina Garcia said, “It is a dead-ringer for the McQueen dress that just walked the runway.” Kenley denied that: “No, there’s no silhouette like that,” she said. However, the judges liked her work the best, and she and Leann were both safe, while Korto and Jerrell were up for elimination.

It was an emotional episode; Tim Gunn started crying when he talked to them in the workroom. “I care deeply about each of you, and I don’t want to see any of you not move forward. You’ve worked so hard and I really believe in you. And I apologize for this; I just can’t help myself; I really care about you,” he said.

And in an interviews, Korto said, “This is a really sad situation; someone’s dream is going to be ruined.” She was even upset that Kenley’s dream could be ruined, because Kenley, while excruciatingly annoying, is actually very talented.

Speaking of Kenley, last week she said/bleated, “It’s a little annoying that the other three designers hate me.” No, you’re a little annoying–a lot annoying, actually. But she made nice by turning around as she walked to her hotel room and saying, “I’m sorry I was being a bitch and everything. I just want to be cool with everyone, you know?” It seemed disingenuous but from Kenley, it works.

And as she said, “It’s not even worth it to be angry at people I’m never going to see again.” The feeling is mutual.