Judge rejects claim that Project Runway concept was stolen by Heidi Klum

A lawsuit filed almost three years ago by two women who claim they created Project Runway has been thrown out by a judge.

Cynthia Rodriguez and Elizabeth Marie Anne Zwiebach claimed they pitched the idea for American Runway to Heidi Klum’s agents in 2003. Judge Loretta Preska wrote, according to the Daily Mail, that the two shows were very different:

“Project Runway does not ostensibly bend to its audience; the viewer is given a glimpse into the world of high fashion and is allowed to watch the fashion elite decide which of the contestants deserves admission into their exclusive enclave. American Runway is much more populist and inclusive; the viewer has a powerful voice in the outcome of the show, and the programme caters to engaging the fashion sensibilities of its real American audience.”

The AP reports that “Preska has agreed to toss out the lawsuit” and wrote “that it was clear the show was developed independently of the two women who challenged its originality.”

In an apparent attempt to fill space, the AP’s brief story also mentions that “Klum is known for telling contestants who don’t make the cut, ‘You’re aufed!’ — short for the German farewell.”

Had the people who wrote or edited this ever, like, watched the show, they’d know that she says no such thing. She says, “You’re out” and then tells them “auf wiedersehen” as she kisses them goodbye. It’d be nice if the AP hired someone who either watches TV or knows how to Google.

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