MTV extends Making the Band 4 season

MTV will air “bonus episodes” of Making the Band 4 that the network says “will pick-up where the last one left off.” In other words, the finale, during which Aubrey and D. Woods were kicked out of the band, wasn’t actually the end after all.

MTV executive Tony DiSanto said in a press release, “With the cliffhanger ending on this season of ‘Making the Band,’ we just knew the saga had to continue. There is so much more story to tell, amazing music and great drama to come.”

As a result, the press release reveals “MTV is extending the drama into 2009 with bonus episodes” that “will continue with the remaining members of Danity Kane and their label mates Day26 and Donnie Klang as they all embark on the next phases of their Bad Boy careers.”

While that “into” seems as though they’ll be extending this season during 2008 and continuing into 2009, the press release’s title says the new episodes are scheduled “for early 2009.” In other words, it’s like The Hillsartificially extended season.

MTV and Diddy Serve Up Bonus Episodes… [MTV press release]