Aubrey O’Day, Danity Kane’s fates to be revealed live tonight

The group formed on Making the Band 3, Danity Kane, may be no more after tonight’s live finale of Making the Band 4–or we could all just realize we’ve been played. The fun starts at 9 p.m. ET.

At the conclusion of last week’s episode, Diddy fired Aubrey O’Day from the multi-platinum group after she confronted him about problems with trust and communication. “I don’t work these amount of years to have you talk to me this way. So I don’t want you in the group no more. That’s where I’m at with it. I don’t even want to have to have this conversation. Anybody else who wants to go with her can go with her.”

The group’s break-up has been rumored for well over a year, yet they stayed together. In 2007, there were also rumors that Aubrey was in a relationship with Diddy and was pregnant with his child. In the meantime, Aubrey performed on Broadway in Hairspray, and he other career aspirations created tension in the group.

Asked by the Boston Herald about her status in the group, Aubrey said, “I can’t comment on anything, I’m sorry,” which essentially proves that whatever the outcome, all of this is a huge ratings stunt. In the same interview, by the way, she called herself a “member of a girl band” and “the official party girl of Danity Kane.”

In a breathless press release, MTV asks, “Is Danity Kane still a group? Does Diddy actually ax a DK member?” and says that the special will include “never before seen footage from the dramatic meeting with Diddy and Danity Kane. In the live special viewers and fans will find out if there has really been a cut and if MTV’s favorite girl group stays in-tact.”

Here’s the relevant part of last week’s episode, during which the group discusses their problems and Diddy fires Aubrey:

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