Rocco DiSpirito’s elimination delayed for one more week; May-Treanor’s surgery successful

Just as the series has done when it lost previous contestants, Dancing with the Stars 7 did not eliminate anyone last night following Misty May-Treanor’s departure from the competition. Instead, this week’s and next week’s votes will be combined, and someone will go home next week.

We did, however, learn who would have been eliminated: Rocco DiSpirito, which probably means that his inevitable elimination was just pushed to next week. There’s no surprise there other than how exactly he’s managed to last this long; it’s not like fans of The Biggest Loser‘s cooking segments are a huge voting bloc. Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer were again left until the end to be saved, and were in the non-bottom two bottom two. Some producer enjoys torturing them, is trying to drum up additional support, or thinks they’re the most unlikely couple to be eliminated and uses them for artificial drama each week.

Meanwhile, Misty May-Treanor had surgery yesterday, and her representative said in a statement, “Misty had a successful surgery on her ruptured Achilles this morning.” Monday, Misty told USA TODAY that recovery would take “a good six to nine months. … Now, it’s a definite taking time off. It just gives me a chance to get strong and work out. From this injury, I hope to come back stronger,” she said.

In other Dancing with the Stars news, Cloris Leachman is just as zany in print as she is on TV. She told The Boston Herald that she approached producers about being on the show and they initially said no, but relented after an audition and six doctor visits. Here’s what she said about the possibility of being eliminated:

“Either I’ll do well or I won’t do well. In either case, it’s human. I’m not afraid. I feel protected and loved and cared for, and we are all the same. I’m just like the people in the audience. It’s just fun to do. … I have several choices in two different areas. One is I’ll either do ‘American Idol’ or ‘America’s Got Talent,’ or I’ll get pregnant in January and clone myself so the two babies can play with each other, or I may just go out on a cruise or I may take some lessons.”

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