Len Goodman makes $400K, money that will lead him to quit UK’s Strictly Come Dancing

Dancing with the Stars head judge Len Goodman says he will quit either the US or the UK version of the show, which he and Bruno Tonioli film simultaneously by flying between L.A. and London every week.

The jet-lag takes it toll. I wasn’t going to do it this year — the flying backwards and forwards — but I got talked into it again. But this will probably be the last time. I’ll have to make the decision — if they ask me — whether to do the British show or American show,” he told the News of the World.

He’ll probably stay with the U.S. version because of the pay, although he likes Strictly Come Dancing better. “My heart wants to do the British show but my head — the money — makes me want to do the American one,” he said.

The paper reports that he received a £30,000 raise from the BBC this year, “which took his pay to £90,000 for the series. But it’s still not close to the £250,000 he gets from US telly giants ABC.”

In the UK, “series” is synonymous with “season,” so that means he’s making about $150,000 in the UK, but about $424,000 in the US–although it doesn’t say if ABC’s pay is per-season or per year.

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