Samantha Harris, Susan Lucci “adore” Cloris Leachman

Last week, an alleged anonymous show staffer said that people were “downright concerned” that Cloris Leachman was making Dancing with the Stars 7 “a big joke,” and that co-host Samantha Harris was “sick and tired” of the actress’ antics.

Predictably, people who are actually willing to talk on the record say that the alleged staff member’s allegations in the Chicago Sun-Times are innaccurate–which is either yet another reason not to trust anonymous sources, or an outstanding example of immediate damage control on behalf of the series.

“This story could not be further from the truth. I adore Cloris Leachman and have had so much fun working with her this season. She even peeks into my dressing room each night, on the way to the set, to say hi. She’s wonderfully entertaining and I love how she keeps us all on our toes!” Samantha told People.

The report also said Susan Lucci was “outraged” over Cloris’ success in the competition, but surprise, that’s not true, either. “It’s a ridiculous rumor. I adore Cloris. We are very supportive towards each other. I enjoy her and we have wonderful conversations all the time,” Lucci told the magazine.

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