Rodney King is “a leader among his peers” on Celebrity Rehab 2

VH1 kicks off Celebrity Rehab 2 tonight at 10 p.m. ET, although the first episode is already online.

The new cast includes Rodney King, who Dr. Drew told the AP “was a great story in this. I ended up using him as a leader among his peers to help stabilize some of the problems that developed in the unit. He’s a really interesting guy. And he tells his story for the first time.” Dr. Drew calls King “the unwitting, the unwilling celebrity,” which makes him stand apart from the other celebs, even though he’s more famous than, say, Sean Stewart.

For his part, King says that going on the show “was a real positive experience, just getting myself to be alert again and dealing with life on life’s terms. It was a good experience to face some demons… It just felt good to have people still out there rooting for me and giving me the strength and the encouragement to go get some help.

Overall, Dr. Drew says this season “is so dramatic, it is so impactful, it is so human.” He said that again, he “worried that the cameras would somehow have a negative effect on the treatment process — which it did not, it had a net positive effect.”

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