Celebrity Sew Off , Fashion House, Fashionality, Double Exposure are Bravo’s new fashion shows

Bravo is dealing with the presumed loss of Project Runway by ordering four–yes, four–new fashion-themed reality series, none of which are Fashion House, the Project Runway-like clone that Bravo announced this summer, even if some people have been sensationalizing its existence recently.

The Fashion Show (a working title, thankfully) is an American Idol-like competition for fashion designers. Its “ultimate winner will be chosen by viewers and will have their designs sold by a retailer,” according to Bravo, which sounds like viewer votes may not play a role up until the end. The series is now casting and will be produced by 3Ball Productions, which produces The Biggest Loser.

Celebrity Sew-Off is Bravo’s version of Dancing with the Stars, as it will feature “celebrity contestants [who] will each be paired with an expert, who will supply the technical know-how to implement the celebrity’s creative vision,” according to the network. They’ll compete to “launch a trendsetting fashion label.”

Double Exposure isn’t a competition, but a docudrama that, like Bravo’s other docudramas, follows the business and personal life of a For this show, it’s “renowned art and fashion photographer Markus Klinko and his partner and former girlfriend, photographer and model Indrani,” Bravo says.

Finally, the network is producing Fashionality, which is “a weekly one-hour series, featuring four eclectic New York tastemakers from the worlds of media and fashion, who explore the intersection of all things pop culture and fashion via field pieces, roundtable debates, interviews and a thorough dissection of any and all things stylish and glamorous.” Those four cast members haven’t yet been announced.