Revamped Top Design returns tonight

That Top Design made it to a second season, which debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET, is probably about as surprising as Shear Genius had a second season, since both were weak, deformed siblings of Project Runway and Top Chef. For some reason, 12 of the 13 contestants are from the same four cities: New York (5), Los Angeles (3), Atlanta (2), and Houston (2).

As happened with the hair cutting competition, the interior design competition gets its own makeover. Producers Stone and Company were fired and replaced by Magical Elves, while Todd Oldham got demoted to mentor and was replaced by new host India Hicks. It’s also in high definition for those who get Bravo in HD. Also, as previews suggest, the show will leave the empty white box challenges behind for more real-world design challenges.

For some bizarre reason, however, they’ve retained the trio of lame judges, Jonathan Adler, Margaret Russell, and Kelly Wearstler. If Jonathan Adler says the ever-insulting “you can stay” or the horrific “see you later, decorator,” I’d be ready to throw a brick through my TV, except I love it too much. I’ll probably just break the mute button on the remote from pressing it so hard as soon as he opens his mouth.

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