Amazing Race 13 advertising is on roofs near LAX and online boarding passes

The Amazing Race‘s thirteenth season is being advertised in a place where travelers gazing out windows of airplanes are likely to see it: on the rooftops of buildings near LAX. The largest building has the show’s logo, while the smaller ones have “Welcome to the Finish Line” and the premiere date and time.

“We’re right on an active approach path. So we’ve gotten plenty of reports from people who have seen it. It organically fit ‘The Amazing Race,’ and we thought it would be a fun thing to do,” CBS marketing executive George Schweitzer told Variety, which has a picture of the ad. In a press release, CBS says this represents the network’s “first-ever aerial view network billboards.”

The network is also advertising the show where even more fliers might see it: on their online boarding passes. (See an example.) A company called Sojern that works with six airlines (American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, and US Air) announced that in a press release, and said they offer “customized, destination-specific information right on the online and printed boarding pass.”

Sojern’s CEO, Gordon Whitten, says in the release, “The advertisements for ‘The Amazing Race’ exemplify the benefits of boarding pass advertising not only to direct response advertisers but also for brand equity.”

Ooh! There’s nothing like talk of brand equity to get me all hot and bothered for a reality show’s return.

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