First three minutes of Survivor Gabon are online along with behind-the-scenes, spoiler footage

One week before its premiere, Survivor Gabon‘s first three and a half minutes are online–including the pre-show teaser, the new opening sequence, and the first few seconds of Jeff Probst welcoming the cast.

CBS has also placed three other high definition videos from the show on its CNET site, including behind-the-scenes footage about the change to HD and Jeff Probst’s analysis of the cast. (Both videos contain possible spoilers, including identifying who ends up in which tribe and footage from challenges.) There’s also high-definition footage of Gabon, and Jeff’s tour of the Tribal Council set.

Jeff’s analysis differs from mine in some places, although in the video, Probst says that it was taped after “the first few days.” While he says Matty is “one of my favorites,” and thinks that Jacquie is “coming strong,” our analysis lines up for quiet a few of them. For example, he likes Charlie because he’s a fan and is ready to play the game, is skeptical about Dan‘s chances, thinks Susie could go far if her talkativeness doesn’t hurt her, and is both annoyed and amused by Randy.

Opening Scene of Survivor Gabon [CNET]