Lifetime delays Project Runway 6 until 2009

The debut of Project Runway 6 has been pushed back to 2009 by its new network, Lifetime, although the show has already apparently been cast.

“With this move, the series will resume its traditional cycle of two seasons per year. … The new date and time will be announced soon,” a Lifetime spokesperson told Entertainment Weekly.

The magazine reports that one unidentified, anonymous source “believes the delay … has less to do with the ongoing litigation and more to do with Lifetime’s inability to get the production together for an autumn start,” while “[a] Lifetime insider, however, says production is on schedule and the new cycle has already been cast.”

How exactly an early 2009 start will work isn’t quite clear, since the show typically concludes a few weeks after Fashion Week, and thus seasons that have concluded in the spring have debuted in November or early December. Without that early start, too many designers remain on the broadcast by the time Fashion Week occurs, potentially spoiling future episodes. Last season, Fashion Week was in early February, and five designers presented collections although just three were shown as part of the competition. If season six debuts in January and Fashion Week is a month later, half the cast might have to present collections at Fashion Week.

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