Adam Jasinski had plastic surgery

Adam Jasinski, the winner of Big Brother 9, had plastic surgery recently on his face to correct damage done after a car accident.

“I went through a windshield, and a chunk of glass in my face started to bubble the skin. … You only have one face. You need to take care of it, no matter what,” he told The Palm Beach Post. Adam may be best known for getting fired from his job and leading an advertiser to stop advertising after he made an offensive comment about kids with autism.

Adam’s current girlfriend, Holly Letoski, went with him but “passed out as a doctor’s assistant rushed to catch her,” according to the paper, when “renowned plastic surgeon Luis Vinas in West Palm Beach cut open Jasinski’s cheek, pulled out tiny shards and sewed him back together like nothing ever happened.”

Reality? Big Brother’s gal gets a dose watching surgery [Palm Beach Post]